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“The particular churches in America are called to extend their missionary efforts beyond the bounds of the continent. —It would be a mistake not to encourage an evangelizing effort beyond the continent with the excuse that there is still much to do in America”

-St. John Paul II

IMF has developed a unique Parish-to-Parish Mission Program, connecting Catholic parishes in the U.S. with impoverished parishes in developing and under-developed countries. During this time, parishioners commit to supporting the project through their prayers, financial support, parish development, and participation on a mission trip to the community itself.

Linking diverse skills, expertise and resources found in Catholic parishes with our database of current or developing needs, IMF facilitates a wide range of projects which reflect our commitment to the intellectual, physical, psychological, and spiritual needs of those we assist.


By joining IMF you’ll:

  • Capitalize on this paramount moment in history as we fulfill Pope Francis’ call of action to answer the cries of the poor.
  • Evangelize beyond the continent as individuals and parishioners actively engage in evangelization and renewal throughout the world
  • Create solidarity as these missions provide an opportunity for solidarity between the Catholic Church in America and the Catholic Church in developing and under-developed nations.

IMF is here to accommodate the talents and professional skills of a variety of parishioners. From Teachers and Doctors, married and single, old and young, there is a place for everyone to participate in the Church’s missionary activities!

"Christ has no body now on earth but yours, no hands but yours."

− St. Theresa of Avila
catholic alter

How does it work?

  1. An aid project begins with an application from the community, parish, or diocese in a developing nation which describes the need involved. IMF will then evaluate each project and application.
  2. The Pastor and Parish in the U.S. fill out the Parish-to-Parish Partnership Form, which will indicate the project, country of interest, financial capability, and availability.Individuals are always able to join an existing mission by applying for specific missions on the Missions page.
  3. IMF will present a portfolio of available projects to interested Catholic parishes in the U.S., based on their application form, and will assist them in choosing a viable match.
  4. When a project is decided upon, IMF will assign a Mission Director to work with the parish (or parishes) to assess whether they have the ability to provide the necessary resources for the completion of the project.The Mission Director will help your Parish create a Mission Leadership Committee to plan, recruit, fundraise, and lead the mission. Your Mission Director will be your guide for the duration of the project; helping to ensure the project is successful.