"On this trip I experienced true love, laughter, and how valuable giving love truly is. Love is selfless and unconditional; it knows no boundaries, and that is exactly what I experienced in Nicaragua. Poverty is present
in every community of our world, whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual. Give and love until it hurts."

− Emily, Nicaragua March 2015

"God and the people of Nicaragua revealed to me how little the role of money plays in one's true happiness and that true happiness is found when one loses themself in service to others. I also saw how God's love still exists in what we would consider the most hopeless of situations. Love and life are eternal. I enjoyed it and it was one of the most transforming experiences of my life."

− Zach, Nicaragua March 2015

"I had an amazing, beautiful, and heartfelt experience. Honestly, I feel like a changed person. I feel so loved by God and I can't believe that I experienced such love from others. In loving others, I was able to love and also let God love me. I had a specific moment when I met this little boy and he expressed so much love and I felt like I saw God in him."

− Katie, Nicaragua March 2015

"I feel like I know how to love now, with my family, friends, and those I work with. The experience to see
and touch those in need and the example of the staff at IMF has given me the ability to love people better. Even
since I’ve been back, I’ve been happier!"

− Audrey, Nicaragua 2014

"I was praying to detach from a past hurt, and I had a healing from the Holy Spirit!! It was like a burden had been lifted from my shoulders. It feels like I have a greater capacity to love others, and to be more open to receiving love from other people."

− Joanna, Nicaragua 2014

"The mission trip to Nicaragua was life -changing! I was extremely ill in a third world country and the Lord used
that weakness and vulnerability to reach deep into my heart where I needed Him the most and healed me! I’m
more alive and truly myself than I have ever been before! God is so good!!!"

− Stephany, Nicaragua 2014

"My faith was constantly challenged throughout my 5-week journey. It was very difficult to witness the extreme poverty of the country, especially from a medical perspective. I questioned God everyday as to why He let His people live in such poor conditions.. but He answered my prayers through my time and experiences with the people. Although the people of Nigeria suffered physically, spiritually they were rich!

I hope to continue working alongside IMF and eventually make the long trek back to Nigeria someday! But until then, I will thank God everyday for the life he has provided me. So many people take their lives for granted- I was one of them. I hope, by sharing my experiences, I can open some people's eyes and encourage others to missionary work."

− Tori, Nicaragua November 2015