We invite you to prayerfully consider being one of our Partners in Mission by choosing from any of the following levels of involvement:

CHAMPION: Would you prayerfully consider CHAMPIONING our cause by helping us to AQUIRE medical equipment, mission materials, or RECRUIT parishes, medical professionals, mission volunteers and corporate partners?

INVITE: Would you prayerfully consider INVITING others to become INVOLVED and ENGAGED in our missions?

INVEST: Would you prayerfully consider INVESTING in our cause by making a monthly financial commitment of any amount that is commensurate to your capacity? Make a Donation.

  • Parish Mission Circle: $50/month
  • Health Mission Circle: $100/month
  • Hope Mission Circle: $250/month
  • Dignity Mission Circle: $500/month

Partner In Mission Benefits:

  1. You will receive our quarterly newsletter sharing the story of the lives you are impacting
  2. You will be on my personal holy hour and intercessory prayer list (also you can mail us prayer intentions each month – we organize monthly vigils for prayer requests)
  3. You can make your donation toward a specific project in Africa or Central America
  4. You and your family can go on a guided and discounted mission trip with us