Catholic Wyoming College Building Mission to El Trapiche, Nicaragua


May 16th- May 28th, 2016

Construct a church in El Trapiche. Click here to learn more.

Deposit is $200

Cost = $2,000 (various payment options available)

Spots Left!

When: May 16th- May 28th, 2016

Goal: Lead a Parish2Parish mission to build a small Catholic Church in El Trapiche

Cost: $2000


Build a small Catholic Church and do some construction in El, Trapiche, Nicaragua, Visit Hermanas de Siervas Orphanage in El Crucero, Teach English and Catechesis

Currently, there is no Church in the village, and the people use the school building to celebrate the Mass. The community where we will be working does not have running water, electricity, or paved roads.

Nicaragua is the second poorest country in Central America. Poverty is largely a rural problem, but nearly half of the population inhabits rural areas. Two out of three people struggle to survive on a little less than $1 US dollar per day.


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